Cake Forte

Welcome to Cake Forte, where cake is love! We are a small cottage bakery located in Garland, TX, specializing in custom birthday cakes, party cakes and cupcakes. Check out our Facebook Page for the most current specials!

How to size a cake

Do you find yourself with too much cake? Do you shy away from layer cakes because you don’t know which one to order? We use a simple formula at Cake Forte to determine how much cake you need!

Feeding less than 8? Choose our posh cake that has about 5 large pieces or 8 regular pieces

Feeding 10-15 people (or you want a bit of cake left over), choose our 8 inch, two layer cake.

Having an event for kids? You can’t go wrong with cupcakes!

Cupcakes are also great for celebrations or for mixing flavors!

For a larger crowd or event, try pairing two layers together!